Been watching Hunter x Hunter and while I do get tired of the show’s constant need to stall, when the real fights come the show becomes this transcendent thing that actively blows my fucking mind. I just saw Gon and Pitou’s “fight”… That was some next level epicness. This show reminds me why I love anime so much, they are capable of going places beyond the imagination to show you something unique. I love that feeling, that moment when you realize this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my whole life.


Interlocking Star Wars covers across all 3 Marvel Titles. 
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Interlocking Star Wars covers across all 3 Marvel Titles. 

Here’s some more info from Mtv


A while ago I was asked by a group of collectors to do a dream commission:  a “Alien” screenprint poster. As a massive fan of the first movie, I was highly enthusiastic about doing it. The final version is still to be printed and as soon as I have it in my hand I will post a couple detail shots and alsoI will have some APs for sale (probably appearing in the “Goods” section of my website or through Eidolon Fine Arts).

Anyway, here’s a bit of the process: I did around 7 sketches, my initial idea was to play around the concept of animal species and survival mixing the two “beasts” of the film - the cat and the xenomorph. The final version, however, was more straight forward so I pushed to get “weird” in other areas, completely redoing the logo and choosing a sort of unusual landscape format.

What are you thinking? What will we do to each other?

What are you thinking? What will we do to each other?

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Quickie Review: ‘Open Windows’ is The Definition of Skippable.

I’m not bothering writing a summary so here’s IMDB: “An actress named Jill (Sasha Grey) refuses to have dinner with Nick (Elijah Wood), a fan who won a date with her in an Internet contest. In return, a guy named Chord, posing as Jill’s campaign manager, helps Nick follow in the footsteps of the actress from his own computer. Nick starts a game in which he realizes that he is only a puppet of the maniac plans devised by Chord (Neil Maskell), to hunt down the star.

I had no expectations for this film and even though 10 minutes in I knew this could only get worse, there was one element that gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe Open Windows would be decent. The gimmick of this film is that it all takes place on a computer screen. What we see is a desktop with numerous open windows (HA!) with different video streams. It is like a found-footage film of a computer screen. At first the gimmick seemed interesting but it actually enhanced the utter stupidity of the whole plot. Besides making everything look plain, boring and detached, it also made every piece of dialogue more atrocious and accentuate the awfulness of the acting, which already ranged from phoned-in to over-the-top campy. Even Elijah Wood who is usually good in shitty films is at a lost here. But the worse is Neil Maskell whose accent and voice are so beyond annoying that I found myself muting the film every time he spoke.

I don’t really know what prompted me to watch Open Windows. It’s an awful, lazy and poorly put together film whose one gimmick actively kills everything. I imagine the draw for the actors was the fact that the director is  Nacho Vigalondo whose feature film debut Timecrimes is arguably one of the best time travel films. Vigalondo’s following work has been spoiled cow shit and Open Windows is no different. I just remembered this film is supposed to be a suspense thriller. It fails at that too. 

Rating: F

Film Review: ‘Lucy’ Starring Scarlet Johansson Is Ridiculously Awesome.

After being tricked into delivering a sealed briefcase, Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) is taken prisoner by Korean mob boss Mr. Jang (Choi Min-sik). The briefcase, it turns out, contains a new type of drug whom Lucy is forced to smuggle out of the country. However, before arriving to the airport Lucy resists the advances of one her captures, which causes him to beat her and accidentally release the drugs sewn into her belly. Once infection sets in, Lucy realizes the drugs have extended her brain capacity and with her new found powers sets out to retrieve the rest of the drugs.

Back in 2010, I went to see Iron Man 2 and while I came out of the theatre progressively disappointed there was one element in that film I absolutely loved: Scarlet Johansson. Her Black Widow was the most delightful surprise especially because I never imagined Charlotte from Lost in Translation turning into such a badass action star. But more than that, Scarlet Johansson is one of those rare actress who can believably sell action in film. Black Widow’s confrontation with The Winter Soldier in the second Captain America is one of the highlights in a film already full of excellent/intense action sequences. With Lucy, Johansson now has her first headlining action film and it is awesome.

First thing you have to accept about Lucy is that it is ridiculous. Taking the troupe that won’t die, this is yet another film that asks what would happen if we could use the fullest extend of our brain. What makes Lucy different is that the film knows it’s bullshit and that self-awareness allows it to fully embrace the concept and just go crazy. The film does not concern itself with painting a real portrait of what could happen, because from the beginning it is dealing with science fiction. This is why the film works so well. Lucy embraces the fantastical and it boldly goes places you would not expect. The last 20 minutes or so are a whirlwind of mind-blowing awesomeness. 

Written and directed by Luc Besson, Lucy is his best film since The Fifth Element seventeen years ago. Besson is an interesting filmmakers in that he directs distinctive films yet most of them are massive misses. But when he gets it right, the results are brilliant and memorable. In the script department, Besson does a fine job in presenting us with the concept of the film and simplifying things so they are easily understandable without feeling too dumbed down. He sometimes pushes the silliness with the dialogue, but it does not deter from the enjoinment. His better work is in the directing department as he assembles a visually dazzling and sleek film. The action sequences are exhilarating, most notably the car chase through Paris. Elsewhere, I really liked the visual metaphors with the nature footage at the beginning of the film and the special effects throughout the film are fantastic.

Acting-wise the film is effective, meaning no one does anything extraordinary but the cast serve their purpose. Morgan Freeman’s spews exposition with his God-voice and Choi Min-sik (from Oldboy) is a serviceable villain. Scarlet Johansson is obviously very effective in the film settling into a performance that seriously embraces the film’s ridiculousness without ever feeling campy. It is a tricky balance that Johansson effortlessly captures. As the film progresses and Lucy becomes more powerful, the character also become more muted from an emotional perspective or less human as the film would say. Johansson perfectly captures that stoic quality while simultaneously injecting it with underlying sentiments and notions. She is ruthless without being alienating and intimidating in an alluring way. Plus, Scarlet Johansson instils a level of intelligence to her lines even though on paper they would’ve most likely made you laugh. It is an accomplished performance made all the more interesting in consideration with Johansson’s companion piece Under The Skin.

Lucy is one of the biggest surprises of 2014. From the trailers and posters, the film to me looked decent enough but the final result is much more than that. Lucy is an excellent action film that succeeds in many levels. It not only embraces a ridiculous concept but it fully commits to it to such an extent that it dares to go to unexpected and awe-inspiring places. This an action film with a palpable sense of imagination and desire to show us something different, which honestly are almost always missing from action films nowadays. Luc Besson has finally reminded us that he still has some good, entertaining and distinctive films in him. But even better is the fact that Lucy is headlined by a woman. Scarlet Johansson turns in an effective and commanding performance that both serves the purpose of the film and in the process elevates it. Lucy is a refreshing film that I hope more executives/studios see as proof that you can have an awesome, self-aware and financially-successful female-led action film.

Rating: B+